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SHINY specialises in clear & direct video storytelling, with a dash of fresh creativity, enabling clients in Government, the charity sector and the corporate world to communicate with their audience in engaging ways. By integrating professionally shot video and effective motion graphics to grab attention we ensure clients get their message across.


Adam Simpson

Adam is a highly experienced video editor with more than 5000 prime time broadcast minutes edited on the top rated shows in New Zealand, having worked on everything from Sunday to Seven Sharp as well as producing and directing. He's also edited for the ABC (US), BBC, TVNZ, Maori Television and at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Adam writes, directs, produces and edits original short films, the most recent of which screened at 6 top genre festivals worldwide. He's directed original creative music videos and edited popular documentaries which have screened in New Zealand and internationally.



Here's a sample of some of our work.

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Let's talk about bringing eyes and ears to your message and keeping them there!

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